What Happens If You Bet on a Boxing Fight and It’s a Draw?

What Happens If You Bet on a Boxing Fight and It’s a Draw?

It is not often that a top-flight boxing match ends as a draw. Before last year’s bout between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, the last major boxing match to end in a draw was when Manny Pacquiao faced Juan Manuel Marquez back in 2004.

Boxing draws also tend to be controversial and almost always lead to a rematch for affected boxers. But what happens to fans that place bets on such matches? Do they get their money back or are their bets counted as losses?

Find out more, including five facts about boxing betting you should know below.

Draw in Money Line Bets

Money line bets are straightforward. You bet on one of the three major outcomes of a sports game: a loss, win or draw. In boxing, you mostly back either boxer with a bet. However, draws can also be an option.

Traditionally, the underdog has the best odds on bookmaker sites. In the match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, for example, the British boxer was the underdog. Let’s say bookmakers gave him odds +150. By comparison, the American had odds -200 and a draw on the bout attracted odds up to +3000.

In such a bout, backing either Wilder or Fury on bookie sites meant a loss for you. Only punters that placed draw bets were paid. But as you can see, draw bets can truly be lucrative. A $100 wager brought back $3000. Even a $10 wager earned you more money than betting on either boxer.

In online casinos, draws are the equivalent of matching multiplier symbols. They are rare to find, but when you match them, your bet is multiplied hundreds of times. Visit for guides about the best online casinos.

Draw in Draw No Bet Wagers

This is the best wager in a boxing match where a draw is a possibility. You get the freedom to back your favorite boxer. But if the match ends as a draw, you get your wager back. Draw no bet wagers are highly popular in football, rugby, and other sports.

In European football, draw no bets come at the expense of lower odds for either team. The wager is meant to lower the risk of losing your money after all. Things are not different in boxing. Where you’d have received odds -200 for Wilder, the odds are changed to -300.

As a result, you now must risk more money to you win decent money. Nonetheless, a draw no bet makes in boxing provides more value than in other sports. You get more confidence to back a player now that you know a draw for them will get your wager back.

Draws in Proposition Bets

Proposition bets refer to other outcomes in a boxing match besides wins, losses, and draws. For instance, you could bet when a fight ends after a knockout, TKO or stoppage by the referee. Boxing also has over and under bets, in which you wager whether the match ends within six rounds or after six rounds.

Sometimes proposition odds are better wagers than money line bets. They attract odds with better value, sometimes too much value to resist. Of course, they are difficult to predict. While you could easily back a prime Mike Tyson to knock out a less known boxer, it’s more difficult to predict KO’s in modern fights.

On the bright side, you get to win money even if your favorite player losses. If you wager a game to end within six rounds, you receive your money in spite of who wins. If you predict a match to end through a knockout, you receive your money no matter who wins. Even if a match ends as a draw, you still get paid.

Draw in a Double Bet

While you receive your proposition bet wins if the match ends as a draw, you may not get on one condition. You combined a proposition bet with a money line wager. Lets say you back Anthony Joshua in his upcoming rematch against Andy Ruiz Jr.

Because you have a feeling the match will be tough and could go on to the 12th round, you also place an over six rounds’ bet. Now you have two wagers combined into one. You get paid if Joshua wins and the match goes past the sixth round.

If the match ends in a draw or as a loss for Joshua, you lose your money. You also lose your bet if the former British heavyweight champion is floored before the seventh round. Technically, you lose your bets in all scenarios apart from Joshua winning after the sixth round.

Draw in Parlays

Parlays are not just found in football, soccer, and basketball. You can combine up to 10 boxing matches in one bet. And depending on the terms of each wager, you could get paid or lose your money when one or more bouts end as draws.

If you combine four or more draws no bet wagers into one, you get paid when all your backed boxers win. If one boxer losses, the bet is counted as a loss for you. If one or more matches end as draws, bookies remove the bets when determining your wins.

To be precise, let’s say you combined four bouts whose combined odds equal +500. If one match ends as a draw, the odds of that bout are removed.

Instead of removing $500 after betting $100, bookies pay you less money. You also receive a brief explanation of why your wins came in short of the expected.

Less money is better than having the entire parlay wager thrown out because of one draw anyway. Keep in mind, however, that bookies vary widely on their betting rules. What applies in one bookmaker site may not apply to another.

In Conclusion

You get paid if you bet a boxing match to end as a draw and it ends that way. You lose your money if you place a money line wager backing one player and he loses or the match ends as a draw.

In all other boxing wagers, you get paid depending on the bookmaker’s rules.

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