3 Keys to Victory for Martin Murray

2. Be Tougher than Golovkin

Martin Murray - Mark Robinson-Hatton Promotions
Photo by Mark Robinson/Hatton Promotions

Martin Murray is already tough, but may need to roughhouse and push Golovkin around to get an edge as he did against Sergio Martinez.

Murray fought Martinez in front of 40,000 rabid fans in a rainstorm. Murray knocked Martinez down twice although the referee called the second knockdown a slip.

In addition to fighting Martinez in Argentina, Murray also went to Germany to fight hometown hero, Felix Sturm. That fight resulted in a draw and was super competitive. Clearly Murray fears no one.

Golovkin was hit flush in the face by both Gabe Rosado and Curtis Stevens, but neither man was able to follow up to hurt him.

Murray will need to land and land again and push Golovkin into the ropes before Golovkin can recover. Not much is made of Golovkin’s defense and Murray can exploit it if he is tough enough to get raked across the face first.

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